Ticket problem

  • I lost my ticket or didn't receive it

    Tickets will automatically be send to the given email address after a payment is successfully finished. When searching for your tickets, please take in consideration:

    Other mailboxes (like work or study-mail)
    Spambox of any of the mailboxes
    Mailbox of a friend

    If tickets still can't be found, please contact us at cs@twelveticketing.eu

    Please add your full name, email address and a proof of payment to the email.

  • I used the wrong email address while placing my order

    We can send you a new ticket. Please create a support ticket and add the correct email address and a copy of your payment. We'll make sure the right ticket is being send to the correct address.

  • The wrong name is on my ticket. Is this a problem?

    When your name is spelled wrong on the ticket or the same name is on all the tickets you bought, this usually isn't a problem. For some events the promoter might decide to do an ID check at the entrance. To learn more about this, please contact the organization of the event.

  • How can I change the mail address of an order?

    Check if the customer is trying to change the email address of their own order by asking for a proof of payment, email address and/or full name.

    Search for the corresponding order in the backoffice.

    Click 'Edit' in the upper right corner (next to 'Client').

    Change the email address on the left and click 'Save'.

    If you receive a notification saying the account already exists, search for the NEW email address in the column on the right. Select this email address from the dropdown and click 'Save new'.

    The email address is now changed. Click 'Resend tickets' in the lower left corner of the screen to resend the tickets to the correct email address. This will be done within several minutes.
    Zoek de order op in de backoffice.

    Klik op 'Edit' rechtsboven het vlak 'Client'.

    Wijzig het emailadres linksonderin en klik 'Save'.

    Wanneer je de melding krijgt dat het account al bestaat, zoek dan in de rechter kolom op het nieuwe emailadres. Selecteer deze uit de lijst en klik 'Save new'.

    Het mailadres is nu aangepast. Klik rechtsonderin op 'Resend tickets' om de tickets uit te sturen naar het nieuwe mailadres. De tickets zullen binnen enkele minuten verstuurd worden.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to print my ticket?

    Tickets can be scanned from your phone. To make sure everything runs smoothly, please increase the brightness of your screen.

  • I have a question about the event.

    Twelve Ticketing is a ticketing provider. We can't answer questions regarding the events itself (eg. opening times, program, facilities, etc). For more information on this, please contact the organizer of the event.

  • I accidentally bought the wrong ticket

    When accidentally buying the wrong tickets, we advise you to contact the organisation of the event.

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